Deepika Padukone blames Dhoni for poor captaincy

Dhoni - Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone who was rumored to have dated MS Dhoni reacted strongly and blamed Dhoni for partying late night before the matches. She also has blamed Dhoni for poor captaincy and loosing the game.

As reported Deepika told, “If you are playing late night matches and then enjoys late night parties, it definitely takes a toll on your body. But it is your responsibility to justify your selection in Indian team by giving importance to cricket over night parties. You need to learn to do little sacrifices for the country”.

Deepika who hails  from a sports background with Father Prakash Padukone being the first Indian to have won the All England Championship,and cricket.The Mangalorean girl was an active supporter of Bangalore Royal Challengers in the recent IPL T20.



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    she s a daughter of an eminent shuttle player……she also has some experience… u shut the ………

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