Sakthivel Perumalsamy

Debutant director uses ‘motion capturing’ technology in Urumeen

Sakthivel Perumalsamy
Sakthivel Perumalsamy

Sakthivel Perumalsamy, the debutant director of the upcoming film Urumeen which has Bobby Simha, Kalaiyarasan (of Madras fame), Reshmi Menon and Sandra in lead roles, says that the film has been made as three different segments and that one of those segments would be made using ‘motion capturing’ technology, which was the force behind superstar Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiiyaan which released last year.

Urumeen is all about the exploitation of the unsuspecting public by the governments in power, says Sakthivel. “I chose the title of Urumeen as it’s an intriguing world which refers to the act of hunting of fishes by cranes. Bobby and Kalaiyarasan have given their best performances as on date and have been ably supported by Reshmi and Sandra. The trailer was objected to by the Censors and I’m now preparing another trailer.

“One portion of the film has been shot using motion-capturing technology; I can’t reveal much as it would spoil the element of suspense. It’s a novel effort we have made and we hope it would be loved by the audiences. Cinematographer Ravindranath Guru and music director Achchu have done extra-ordinary work in the film.

“I have attempted to narrate a simple story with usual twists and turns. Today’s critics seem to have no time at their disposal to watach a film at ease, analyze and bring out the pluses and negatives. Critics started appreciating Aaranya Kandam only after netizens lauded the film social networking sites. If critics approach each film with a fresh mind-set, it would help the growth of good cinema,” concludes Sakthivel.



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