Debate rages on whether Deiva Thirumagal is a hit or a miss

Deiva Thirumagal Success Meet

Not many theatre-owners and filmy journalists in the know are amused at the press-meet hosted last week by the cast and crew of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’. It was given to understand that the press meet was to mark the ‘success’ of the film at the box-office. Informed journalists and theatre-owners, however, believe that the reality is something else.

Their grouse is that while it is the right of each and every filmmaker to expect their film(s) to do well at the box-office, when it doesn’t do as well as expected, the makers should at least take the no-show in their stride. Instead of keeping mum, organizing a ‘fake’ celebration claiming that the film is a success is totally unacceptable, they say.

The film, sold to the distributors for Rs.16 crores by Mohan Natarajan, took Rs.2 crores more for its publicity and release. Had it been a successful venture, it should have recovered the cost of Rs.18 crores by now. Trade circles paint a grim picture on this count. The film, critically acclaimed by the media and the public, was about to witness huge box-office collections when ‘Kanchana’ was released.

The horror film, Kanchana, sequel to Lawrence’s earlier film ‘Muni’, has been running to packed houses at all the centres and has been liked by all age groups: rights from kids to the aged. According to trade circles, the Devi Karumari theatre in Chennai, which collected a mere Rs.5.5 lakhs in three weeks while screening ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, has collected Rs.4.5 crores in just one week after screening ‘Kanchana’!

Considering how the film is doing in other centres, by a rough estimate, it is said that ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ might end up as a losing preposition at the box-office and the loss is estimated at Rs.7.5 crores!





  2. guy

    there should be a debate whether kaavalan was a hit or a miss.. vijay was gd in the movie but the movie was only average..

    and how abt Bavani’s success meet? was tat stupid movie was sneha a hit? my foot is laughing!!

  3. G

    Every film releasing has a success meet nowadays. It’s in a way part of promoting their movie. Theatre owners does not question it because it’s just serve the purpose of bringing people into their theaters. Media should demand the actual trade report before publishing their so called success story. Btw behindwoods reported that DT so far only managed to collect above average collections only. Its just a cheap publicity trick n we are all suckers to believe it.

  4. vivek

    Vikram is a idiot, he can act only as fool, mad, mental caracters, he cannot do comedy, he should stop acting and stop irritating the public

  5. Fuc u!!


  6. Vasin

    This film was done in a hurry. The pick pocket scene coming early in the sequence for example just looked like a stage drama of say year 8 students. Surely actors did well; Vicky, Anu, Amal and that child; I don’t know but certainly it looks like the dirctor tried to make some quick profit and name by copying and pasting; I am happy for the fact that my thoughts on this are in line with most of the comments appearing below. 

  7. gal

    deiva thirumagal brought in 4.5 crores just in chennai in 2 weeks.. kanchana raked in 1.03 crores in 1 week in chennai.. know the facts before publishing news pls..

    and kanchana is a typical story.. showing the ghost/spirit as a transgender doesnt make any difference.. also the comedy part of kovai sarala and devadharshini were irritating to the max.. whereas deiva thirumagal, although a unofficial remake of a hollywood film, was a different story and deserves appreciation.. pls support “clean and gd” family entertainers!

  8. mani

    shut up vivek. u does not know what a good movie is.  vijay , ajith and suriya fit for acting only in mass movies. they does not what is meant by acting

  9. santhosh

    Deivathirumagal already collected around 18 crores in first 2 weeks itself of its release in India alone. if you have doubts chk they have given the collection report

  10. Sam

    As a responsible media pls make valid articles….DTM was a mega success…of course in india it was mega hit..and even in Middle east it made gud collections during its opening..the first time i saw a huge croud in duabi after Endiran…..DTM official collection was more than the amount mentioned in the above article..ppl want to clarify can log into and make their self clear…

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