Crowd goes mad at sameera reddy show

Sameera Reddy was forced to abandon a stage show at Patna  after the crowd ran mad breaking the barriers  and attacking each other for reasons know only to them.

Sameera along with her Mad house troupe was  due to perform at the open-air venue in  the city center for the concert organised by a local television channel at bihar when the disruption began, Later speaking to the media Sameera Said  “At the venue my troupe and I were waiting backstage when suddenly I heard about a commotion in the audience. At first I thought they were just excited but, within minutes, I was told that the situation was beginning to get out of hand.

And it was organisers who feared for the safety of the performers and rushed them out of the spot. “They were breaking chairs, pelting stones and setting the barricades on fire. The organisers came backstage and ordered me to leave immediately,”  Sameer outlined.

Sameeras Bday Celebration at Mumbai, few days before the arranged Bihar Concert



  1. Vasin

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