Crew members face blackout and hospitalized in a case of acid flinging

Lead pair of Anjali and Jai  in Engeyum Epodhum‘Engeyum Epodhum’ is a romantic offering by director A. R. Murugadoss in association with Fox Studios. The lead pair in the movie is played by Jai and Anjali. The movie revolves around two love stories one set in Chennai and other one in Tiruchirapalli. The movie presently in filming stage has now made headlines for a case of acid flinging.

The inhuman act was carried out by the hospital staff, after a misunderstanding developed between them and the film crew over the payment of rent. The Engeyum Epodhum team was asked to pay their dues for filming some of the scenes, shot in hospital bounds, but the argument turned into heated debate between both the parties. After a while, cases of some artists collapsing came as a shock to the team followed by complains of blackouts and passing out by other members of the crew.  Ironically many of them had to be rushed to a nearby hospital to get them back on their feet.

It is learnt that it was the hospital authorities who carried out the act of flinging poisonous acid resulting in the blackout of the film crew. A case has been filed by the Engeyum Epodhum team with the police regarding the same.


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