Crack the code to win $20000 – "Hotel Hollywood" Movie

Crack the code to win $20000 -
Crack the code to win $20000 -

Will you miss a chance to win $20,000.00? Just watch ‘Hotel Hollywood’ in Theaters starting 23 July 2010 and identify four single digit numbers in the order that they appear in the film. Contest details are available at the movie website (

Hotel Hollywood is a 2010 multilingual film made in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other Indian regional languages.

The film is inspired by true events and exposes a huge cover-up by American Government surrounding an incident involving an Indian wedding party in Los Angeles. The first trailer of the movie, which has been produced by FlickBag, while being marketed by Net Effect Media, will be unveiled in almost 1000 screens this month.

“Hotel Hollywood” Plot:
“A wedding party checked into a Los Angeles hotel. They were never found again. What happened to them?”

“Hotel Hollywood” is the story of an Indian wedding party, which checked into a Los Angeles Hotel and was not found again! The film dares you to witness the shocking truth! “We are thrilled to present the First Look of HOTEL HOLLYWOOD, to a worldwide audience,” said Kapil Sethi, CEO of Net Effect Media.

 “Hotel Hollywood” Movie Trailer

California based film-maker; Param Gill has directed the film. Param is fresh from the success of his Hollywood film, “Rockin Meera” which made a huge mark on the festival circuit and generated more than half million dollars on American screens last fall. When asked about his inspiration behind, “Hotel Hollywood”, Param said, “I wanted to make a first rate thriller for Indian audience which could strike a chord with mainstream audience and the regional markets.

It stars fresh faces Mehr Hassan, Arsh Singh and Rahul Nath”. ‘Hotel Hollywood’ Music has been composed by Shyam Vai, Cinematography by Mathew Boyd and Special Effects by Hollywood’s Richard Miranda who has worked with the likes of Steven Speilberg.
Now thats something definitely worth watching!!



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