Court stays SA Chandrasekhar’s continuance as president of TFPC


Acting upon a petition challenging producer-director S.A. Chandrasekhar’s(actor Vijay’s father) selection as president of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC), a City Court today stayed SAC’s continuance in the same post pending final disposal of the petition.

After the change of guard at the State in the aftermath of the recent Assembly elections, Rama Narayanan, ex-president of the Council, resigned on his own amid allegations that he had been favouring only a ‘certain set of producers’ who were close to the powers-that-be in the earlier government. Soon after that, SAC took over as president after an interim meeting of the Council.

SAC had justified his selection as ‘legal’ and said that the selection would soon be ratified by the full meeting of the Council. Producer-director Babu Ganesh had filed a petition with a Chennai Court saying that SAC’s selection as president of the Council was against the rule and should there be declared as ‘null and void’.

Ganesh had further stated that till the full body of the General Council convened, SAC’s selection should be put on hold. Based on the petition, the Court ruled that until further orders. SAC should restrain from functioning as the president of the Council.



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