Court stays Nayantara’s movie

Court stays Nayantara's movie
‘Electra’ Nayantara

The Ernakulam Principal Munsiff Court has stayed the release and distribution of  the ‘Nayantara’ starrer Malayalam movie ‘Electra‘ , directed by Shyama Prasad.

Said to be one of the last movies by Nayatara in her career, Electra has National award winner Prakashraj and Manisha Koirala playing Nayantara’s parents.

The court made the ruling based on a petition filed by film distributor Martin Sebastian. Martin has accused that Vindhyan of Rasika Entertainment, the producer of the film is trying to release the film against the agreement that they had made earlier.

Nayantara seems to be upset with the stay on ‘Electra’  release, as Nayan’s role in the movie is said to be something different from all she has done till date.



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