Court quashes Ilayarajas relative petition in land matter

R D Baskar

The Chennai High Court quashed the petition of  Balakrishnan, son of R.D. Bhaskar(elder brother of ‘Maestro’ Ilayaraja), in a case wherein the petitioned had laid his claim as the ‘owner’ of 5 acres of land situated in the Koyambedu locality in the city.

Balakrishnan had earlier filed a petition seeking ownership of 5 acres of land comprising ‘Inam Estate’ in Koyambedu and had stated that the land had been given to his father. “After the demise of my father, the property ought to be changed to my name as I’m the legal heir of the late Bhaskar,” Balakrishnan has stated thus in his petition.

Mr. Justice Vinod, who took up the case, quashed Balakrishnan’s petition on the grounds that the ‘patta’ of the said property had been awarded way back in 1952 itself and that after so many years, the Court can’t accede to the petitioner’s request of granting ‘patta’ for the same land again.


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