Court asks DAM 999 director Roy to explain his position to TN Govt


The Supreme Court of India has directed film-maker Sohan Roy to approach the Chief Secretary of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu and offer explanations to him as to why his film Dam 999 shouldn’t be banned from its theatrical release in the State. The Court’s direction followed a filing of a petition by Roy who had appealed against the ban on the film imposed by the State Government.

Sohan Roy, an ex Naval officer, has directed the film Dam 999, the script of which is said to be based on the Mullai Periyar Dam that has been remaining contentious issue between the States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala for the past many years. The film has met with expected opposition on large scale in Tamil Nadu. Theatre-owners had announced earlier that the won’t be screening the film in the State.

The film, which is an international production, stars Vinay Rai (of Jayamkondan fame) and Vimala Raman in the lead. To go with mood of the general public, the local Government banned the film’s release in the State apparently to avert any possible break-out of riots. Stung by the ban, Roy decided to oppose the ban and filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the ban.

When the case came up for hearing in the apex Court, the Judges directed Sohan Roy to seek an appointment with the Chief Secretary of Govt. of Tamil Nadu to explain his stance that the film shouldn’t be banned from releasing in the State. It also directed the State Government to file a reply stating reasons for banning the film’s release before the 16th of this month.


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