EVKS Elangovan attacks Rajinikanth

Congress Leader attacks Rajinikanth for supporting Anna Hazare

EVKS Elangovan attacks Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth Fans Burning EKVS Elangovan’s Effigy

We reported yesterday that superstar Rajinikanth had expressed his support to the anti-corruption crusade launched in the most non-violent manner by Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare in Mumbai(Read More…). Anna, however, had to call off his fast-unto-death protest as he had to give in to the ‘advices’ by a team of doctors who said his health was declining rapidly.

Rajini not only supported Anna’s crusade through e-mail message but also provided his sprawling Sri Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam at Rangarajapuram, Kodambakkam for the fasting activists to use it free-of-cost for 3 days. As Rajini was supporting their cause, the organizers of the fast at Chennai obviously expected Rajini to come to the venue to give a fillip to their protest. However, Rajini didn’t visit his Mandapam.

In the meantime, the protest and support to it got a big ‘boost’, thanks to Rajini lending his ‘moral support’ to the movement. Soon after, Congressmen in the State were irritated by Rajini throwing his ‘weight’ behind Anna Hazare, who never wastes any opportunity to take the Congress to task. EVKS Elangovan, a Senior Congress leader and former Union minister, openly criticized Rajini for supporting Hazare’s anti-corruption crusade.

Elangovan has commented that it was indeed ironical that Rajini was providing his Mandapam for the protesters to stage their protest against corruption as the Mandapam itself was constructed years ago with the use of the ‘black money’ the superstar earned.

“Now a marriage hall has been provided by an actor(Read Rajinikanth) to Anna’s supporters to hold fast. There are just about 100 men participating in the fast here. It is the same elsewhere too. It would be enough if the person who donated this hall understand this fact. Does this person not have black money? Team Anna wants to fight tainted money by associating with persons who have black money,” he alleged.

This has obviously not gone down well with Rajini’s fans in the State and elsewhere.

More than 100 of Rajini’s fans from Sholingur, Vellore district, headed by Vellore district association treasurer Sholingur N Ravi burnt the effigy of Elangavon(See the above Pic).

“Our Thalaivar gave the hall with good intention. We cannot put up with derogatory remarks by Elangovan against Rajini who constructed the hall out of money earned through hard work.We would like to reiterate to those like Elangovan that Rajini is one among those in the cine world who honestly pay the income tax”, Ravi said.


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