Composer Dhina turns villain in Soozhnilai

Dhina the Villain

Dhina is back and guess what he has stepped into new boots. After scoring some thumping numbers for about 50 movies the successful music director will now play a villain for the movie titled Soozhnilai,  being directed by Senthooran.

It is known that the composer has been offered roles earlier too but he dint want to shift he wanted to concentrate on music alone. Interestingly while Senthooran narrated the script to the composer with the sole purpose of the music in mind, it appeared to him that the script was tailor made for the looks Dhina exhibited.

His rough and tough look coupled with that jet black long hair lying loose was all that was needed to convince the composer to try out acting for a change . It did require some persuasion from Senthooran initially but Dhina seems to have finally agreed.

A ‘Double delight’ from Dhina –‘the composer/actor’  coming right to your silver screens.


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