Complaints lodged against Sun Networks Sumangali Cable Vision


Several complaints have been lodged with District Collector, Coimbatore alleging that SCV (Sumangali Cable Vision), the cable wing of media baron Sun Network, has been indulging in ‘unethical activities’ thereby putting the general public to great amount of discomfort and stress.

The complaints say that SCV’s cable operators have disconnected as many as 5,000 cable connections in and around Coimbatore besides forcibly taking into its possession electronic gadgets and instruments worth more than Rs.5 crores. The complaint was lodged with the District Collector by more than 70 cable operators who were led by Yuvaraj, state president of Cable TV Operators’ Association.

It was stated in the complaint that during the previous regime, SCV had disconnected as many as 5,000 cable connections and had also taken into its ‘illegal’ possession the various electronic instruments and gadgets many Cable Operators were using for broadcasting purposes. The goods were worth more than Rs.5 crores, it is said.

The petitions requested the Collector, who is the administrative head of the District, to take suitable action to retrieve their electronic equipment back to them at the earliest. They have named Natesan, Manager, SCV at whose insistence persons like Kumar. Rajendran, Salem Murugesh and Unicon Baskar indulged in disconnecting the cable connections and taking into possession the various electronic gadgets.



  1. htt

    looks like all sorts of rotten things had been happening in the kutani… Now everything is falling apart!

  2. Naidu

    1 Question to C.M Jayalalitha, People made u C.M of Tamilnadu because dey hav some hopes atleast u wil make something good to dem but u r behind Karunanidhi family & his party. Stop taking revenge & start working towards TN Welfare.

  3. Rajarajan

    dei loosu… antha kezhavanaiyum antha kudumbathaiyum ozhichi kattinale TN muneriddum…. nee periya pudungee mathiri solla vanthutiya? unnayum sethu ulla thooki pottu muttiku mutti thatana than sari varum pola…

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