Comedy actress Shobana commits suicide

Shobana committed suicide
Shobana committed suicide

Supporting actress Shobana, known for her comedy roles in  Tamil films, committed suicide by hanging herself at her Kotturpuram residence in chennai on Monday (Jan 9, 2011).

Shobana(31) has acted as a comedienne in several films and television serials including, ‘Lollu Shaba’ and  ‘Meendum Meendum Sirippu’ pairing with Vennira Aadai’ Murthy. She was very much  popular for her comedy roles in Sillunu Oru Kaadhal, particularly with the scene she appeared with Vadivelu.

Confirming the suicide, Police said the reason behind Shobana taking the extreme step are being investigated,  And as per first information reports, Shobana  had committed suicide when she was alone at her apartment ( H Block  Kotturpuram Housing Board Colony) on Monday, while mother Rani had been to Bank. When Rani returned back, finding the doors locked from inside and inspite of several calling bell rings, with no response, Rani broke open the door with the help of few neighbours and found her daughter hanging from the house ceiling.

Also on the reason side the initial police report read, Shobana who was suffering of depression from a failed relationship, of late had been down sick with Chikungunya and Asthma, because of which she has been loosing her chances to continue acting in Tamil movies.

Whatever might be the un-confirmed reason’s that had forced to go for this extreme step, May her soul RIP

Shobana with Vadivelu in sillunnu oru kadhal for ref:



  1. neha

    Oh god!!! she has her own style without immitating others , not disguisting acting like tat we can say many abt her…totally she s a good actress.. no words to tell…speecheless..

    may her soul rest in peace

  2. marie

    Expected  her as she will replace the very few comedy actresses in tamil…. but god disposed…. may her soul rest in peace

  3. aravind

    So sad for her…she is a very good actress……spontaneous action and have good comedy sense……hmmmm all have their own feeling and sentiments….though suicide is not advisable feeling sad what would have prompted to this decision..may be she might be frusturated  by her loved one…..may her soul rest in peace…most of the comedians dont have a good real life…they make people laugh but their life is seemed to be filled with sorrows….

  4. Naan Oru Tamilan

    Why does people have to choose suicide to end their problem?
    It actually does not end their problem but end their life in this earth!
    Why couldn’t they just think for one bloody minute before doing the cruel act!
    To me, i think committing suicide is the SAME AS MURDERING ANOTHER PERSON!!!

  5. S.Ramanathan

    Reason for suicide is mostly depression.  I wish she talked to her friends or telephoned to Jesus Calls Ministry, their prayers helped me to overcome suicidal thoughts in my teens.  She was a decent actress and was good comedian too. May her Mom be comforted at the loss of daughter.

  6. dilip

    shocking and sad to hear..she should have taken this step..may her soul rest in peace and may God give the streght to her family memebers to overcome this pain..

  7. goldwyn

    a good actress in comedy, everyone likes her
    because she was very innocent , let her soul stays with peace in heaven.

  8. ராம்கி

    உண்மையிலேயே ஒரு நல்ல நடிகைய இழந்துட்டோம்….

  9. Dinesh-Eagan,USA

    Couldn’t believe, Shobana a good actress, nice timing in her shows which is very popular ‘meendum meendum sirippu’. may her sould Rest in Peace.

  10. Malini

    May her soul rest in peace! sounds like some bastard forced her to do this!!! He is definitely going to hell for this

  11. Sulaan

    I liked all Lollusabha episodes acted by her. She used to be in meedum meedum sirippu…
    R I P my friend…
    May all your dreams come true in ur next life

  12. Abi

    I loved her in jillunu Oru Kadhal and she was a great comedian.
    She should have tried to deal with her problems whatever they may be rather than take her own life.
    May her soul rest in peace.

  13. shanthi

    So sad to hear the news ,U r a good women,good comedian,and full with ur smiles always ,so sad no body there to stop u…. May take care of you dear ,my ur soul be peace in the heaven.

  14. Leo George

    Her vocal sounds would be different which would be apt for Humors. But destiny is common for all. Let her be in rest.

  15. லட்சுமி

    எந்த துக்கத்திற்ககும் மரணம் முடிவல்ல

  16. INBA

    I couldn’t believe that she’s committed sucide. Definitely It’ll shock every one. She is such a distinct and talented actress. I really miss her a lot. All tamil people and her fans all over the world will regret for her death. She must have severely been affected physically, as a result of that she has got severe psychological trauma which should’ve made her to think in pessimistic way to kill herself. But I suspect someone should have hurted mentally when she was already in a pathetic condition like adding fuel to the fire. May her soul rests in peace. “I MISS U SHOBANA”

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