Comedian Vivek with six packs

Viivek with fake body(cutout) for trial shoot

Prabhu Deva and Vishal are engaged in the remake of the remake of the Telugu hit Souryam which is yet untitled. The movie also stars the happening Kollywood actress Sameera Reddy. We had earlier told you that comedian Vivek will be handling the comedy wing for this flick

Now news is that director Prabhu Deva wants Vivek to don the role of a gym trainer  in this upcoming flick. Our six pack man is taking his act as no joke as he is flexing his muscles regularly to make a complete picture.

Now those added cubicles do make an impact for an action thriller surely, seems we can be geared to have a laugh riot on watching Viivek and his six pack on screen?



  1. Vasin

    I think if Vivek goes for 6 packs it will only be good. We are tired of seeing songi comedians. A comedian with 6 packs could be interesting. He can combine villain and commedian roles together. Oruthana podurathuku munnadi 4 jokes solli avana sirikka vechtu apporama dush dush dush chathak over. Go for it Vivek.

  2. Madurai muniyamma

    hello vasin sir i love you
    i studied 10th std
    can you marry me please
    i know to cook
    i know to wash clothes
    umma umma

  3. san

    2 yrs if you ur going at slow pace but i think the quickest time is two months of hard training and solid diet.

  4. Attention! Be careful!

    vasin oru 9 (Aravaani) and also mentally disorder aravaani. vasin nee already ultimatetamil website la otha mutta vangitu ponathu nyabagam illaya.. intha vasin pala name la website la vanthu irukku like kavya, Jasmine etc etc….. unakku mathavanga podra comment la appadi enna gandu. unna vida nalla comment podranganu eriyutha. inimae ellathayum pothikittu iru…potha mudilana..un kuda irukura vera oru arvaaniya potha sollu baadu… unnala matha aravaanikum ketta peru…

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