Comedian Mayilsamy appeals to the public to vote for ‘Amma’


Kollywood has clearly taken sides during this election. With Vijay urging his fans to support the AIADMK combine, more and more actors are coming out in the open to support either of the major political alliances in the State in the elections due in a couple of weeks’ time from now.

Comedian Mayilsamy campaigned in support of the AIADMK combine in and around Tenkasi. He was speaking in support of the local candidate, actor Sarathkumar, and said that the public should vote en masse for the opposition alliance and send the ruling party on a ‘five-year’ rest period to sit in the opposition in the new Assembly.

“Kalaignar’s family has intervened in the smooth functioning of almost all the fields, thereby making it impossible for other lesser mortals to survive in those fields,” Mayilsamy observed and urged the people to vote for ‘Amma’ this time.

“Corruption has taken roots in all spheres of life. In order to transform the State from its present backward status, we should opt for a change of guard and there is no better alternative than ‘Amma’, who would bring the law and order under control in the State besides doing everything possible to uplift the lifestyle of the common man,” thundered Mayilsamy.



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