Comedian Baski admitted in hospital after suffering head injuries

Comedian Baski admitted in hospital after suffering head injuriesAce comedian Baski has been admitted at the Malar hospital in Chennai after the actor suffered head injuries, involved in a bike accident. The actor was rushed to the hospital soon after the disastrous incident and is currently under close observation in the ICU ward.Doctors have been taking their regular rounds monitoring his condition closely, but due to the severe head injuries his condition has been termed critical.

A hot favorite with college goers, Baski has presented us with some memorable performances, with his upcoming releases including Nagaram & Uyarthiru 420 resting high on the comedy lovers list. While fans can be assured to get their bones tickled for a Baski movie, the popular actor has also entertained many through a host of radio and television programs.

We wish the actor springs back soon, just like the million smiles he sprung on innumerable faces.



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