Cold war between Surya and Vivek Oberoi

Surya and Vivek Oberoi

Surya  is being projected as Bollywood’s next loyal action hero. Seems this news has obviously not gone down well with Vivek Oberoi who has been telling people Surya is the “main rival” in Rakta Charitra and not the hero. The stage is now all set  for another Cold war in filmdom.

After Vivek had said , “I’m really looking forward to the release of Rakta Charitra. It’s a big challenge in terms of the range and canvas. The fact that Surya is playing the main rival is an added incentive. He’s a dear friend and a wonderful co-actor.

But neither Surya nor Ram Gopal varma is not quite in agreement with Viveks statement.Surya, says “We’ve got separate tracks, I am not the main rival. I took this role not to prove myself a star to the Hindi audiences but because of the challenge of playing such a complex part as my Hindi debut. Also, the film has Tamil and Telugu versions, so it goes to my traditional audience besides the Hindi moviegoers.”

When  the director Ram Gopal Varma was contacted, he says “There are no black or white characters in Rakta Charitra. Everyone has grey shades. The way it is in real life. Both Vivek and Surya’s character are equally important.



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