CM Watches Endhiran Premiere Show

Rajini Kalaignar At Endhiran Premiere

The “VVIP special Premiere Show” of Super Star Rajinikanth extravaganza ‘Endhiran’ was held at Sathyam theatre on the opening day evening (Friday, October 1). The Premiere on Friday evening was attended by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, the film’s lead star Rajinikanth, director Shankar other Kollywood film personalities and  technicians associated with the film.

While the CM watched the show from the balcony with Rajnikanth and Shankar, noted film personalities, including KS Ravi Kumar, P Vasu, Dhanush and Aishwarya and Yuvan Shankar Raja and Karthik Raja, were seated on a lower floor.

After the show the  CM was asked on his feedback  about the movie he conveyed , he enjoyed the movie thoroughly and it was even better than Sivaji.



  1. captain fan


  2. Ajith fan

    Captain porampokkuku vottu podarathukku oru pichai karanukku vottu podalam. Kalyana mandapatha makkalukku kodukkurathukku mudiyathan namakku cm a vanthu enna kodukka poran ?

  3. vsn

    vijayakanth would make other people blind.kalaingnar is the best.Don’t trust on cine actors who wants to be chief minister or something.They will ruin our country.

  4. AAA

    Dai Captain fan, kalaingar pera solla kuda ungala thalaivaruku arukada kidayadu, inda electionoda avan arasialia iruka mattanda muttal…

  5. Raj

    Mr. Captain Fan, naya, unn captain pacha Tamilan nu solletu oora eamathetu irukanay, ava enna Tamilan na da, kurutu kaboodhee, avan pannee madheeree irukan, avanuku oru fan, neeyum avana maadhere than irupeeyada, Sooriyana (Kalaingar) paatu karungundu bulp(visiyakanth) pragasama eariya kudadhu da, bulb illama poiedum, ok va, unn mungee la en left hand 😀

  6. thalaium thalapathium onnu vikram surya vaaila mannu......

    Dai Captain fan……………. unnaku ithu thevaya……………

  7. Rajeev

    Hello, Kalaignar has one only eye & at this age he is doing wonders…
    Be it the other Factor, what they do, people are aware…
    Also don mistake me — jus imagine what you would do @ his Age???

  8. sirpi

    aiyoo amma kolrangaa matuum CM thatha kuu acting varuum. all the people of tn should accept that but not captain who has relentlessly stood for the rights of the under- priveleged people of tn. wow i admire u thataa fan. if u ask atleast one nerve in ur body how much this thathaa and his family looted u wud not talk like this.

  9. AAA

    y u pple r supporting this thatha? of course i respect his age.But he has not achieved anything except corruption, fraud, murder, rowdism and opening wine shops near school, medical shops, temples & in the residential areas. not only that cos of him all the tamilnadu pple learning , practising and living with corruption. in these recent yrs u can see how many of his grand sons wre entering cine industry in the name of production. many big gaints like avm’s, super gud films and all gone..actually they r threatening those pple and get their right from them. this thatha only speaks tamil engal moochu ..bla bla.. u know how many of his grandies wre studied in india.. take dhayanidhi maran, udhaya nidhi stalin, arulnidhi etc.,they not even graduated here…. totaly they r all curse to tamil nadu..pls dont enocourage or support these pple. we should give peaceful & with brightful future to our childs and grand childs…

  10. AUM

    very true,tis thata,captain and amma all are stupids… and even if some one loyal wants to stand in for ellection these idots will kill them or courrpt them too.. all bloody cheap ppl.i wish these ppl die soon.

  11. Viijay ore sappi

    sei select somebody is out of cinema but must be educated and professional buddy to represent your countries and states. pity on you ppl

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