CM Karunandihi visits Ponnar-Shankar shooting spot

Chief Minister Karunanidhi spend nearly one hour at the ‘Ponnar -Shankar’ shooting spot today. He enjoyed the shooting a lot. ‘Ponnar Shankar’ movie is based on the story written by the chief minister Karunanidhi in a weekly magazine. This film is directed by Director and actor Thiagarajan. Actor Prashanth plays the lead role in the film. He plays two characters namely Ponner and Sankar. Central Minister Napolean also plays an important role of Thalaiyur Kali in the film. The other leading actors in the film are Sathyaraj, Rajkiran, Prakashraj, Ponvannan, Reyas khan, Manorama, Prabhu, Sneha, Kushboo, Ambika, Sita.

The shooting of the film is taking place at full pace inside a studio in Vadapalani.

Ponner Sankar team was  informed of the arrival of Chief Minister to watch the shooting of the film in progress. Making the whole of ‘Ponner Sankar’ set  very busy with its proceedings.

As informed Karunanidhi steped inside the studio at around 9.30 in the morning. Actor Prashanth, Jayaram, Sneha, Kushboo, Reyas Khan were all ready for the shot with their full makeup. The whole team took blessings from the Chief Minister and then the shooting started. Chief Minister Karunanidhi enjoyed the shooting for nearly one hour. He also called actor Prashanth and made a comment that he really looks like a war head. He also told for some small minor corrections. Karunanidhi left the spot after that.

J.K.Rithish and Napolean were also present along with the Chief Minister.



  1. Anonymous

    Ivar shooting a pakka poi iruka mattaru, Sneha va pakka poi iruparu…

    If he is more interested in all these things, then why can't he reisgn from CM post and spend his entire day like this. Who is asking him to continue in this? Innum ethana naal da kudumbathoda naata suranduveenga? Imbitu panatha vachu ennada seiveenga?

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