Climax of Deiva Thirumagal made me cry, says Bala

Bala at Deiva Thirumagal Success meet

Director Bala has said that the climax of Vijay’s ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ has made him cry and forced tears from his eyes. The film ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, which has Vikram playing the role of a person with ‘special needs’, has Anushka and Amala Paul as the heroines and has been doing successfully at all the centres. The crew held a success meet at a hotel in Chennai’s Teynampet.

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Vikram, Anushka, Amala, directors Bala and Vijay, music director G.V. Prakash Kumar, lyricist Naa Muthukumar and UTV’s Dhananjeyan were among those who took part in the event. Speaking at the meet, Bala said that he made a vow to himself prior to watching the movie not to cry till the movie ended.

“Even as I was watching the film, I couldn’t control myself and found tears rolling down my cheeks and kept on in that mode till the film ended. Vijay has really floored me,” said Bala. When his turn to speak came, Vikram said that he was happy at the film’s success and credited the victory to all the actors and actresses and the technicians who worked in the film.

“Anushka and Amala had done their roles admirably. If I was the hero in the first-half, Anushka was definitely the ‘hero’ in the second-half. In fact, more than both of us, it’s Vijay who is the actual hero of the film who brought my ‘mental state’ to that of a 5-year old boy. When I signed up the film, I was criticized by many who asked me why should I be playing such roles instead of the ones like I did in ‘Samy’ and ‘Dhool’.

“Vijay’s perseverance in the character has made the film a successful venture. The film seeks to drive home the point that we should never neglect or ignore (the needs of) the ‘differently abled’ persons amidst us in the society. We should treat them as our own friends or relatives. I hope the film has managed to convey this message successfully,” concluded Vikram.



  1. Smile

    Made me cry too….I think a better end would be Anuradha(Anyway,she loved him) marrying Krishna and together they look after baby Nila.But nevertheless,best movie in recent times.Can watch it more than once…u will never tire of it.

  2. june

    yeah i was blubbering like a baby, no movie in recent times evoked this much of an emotional response from anyone, good job team… wishes for even further success for deiva thirumagal

  3. fan

    super super fantabolous movie !!!! chears to director vijay for giving us awesome movie after so many decades of tamil movie industry!!!!! very proud of him and vikram and all other artist who were given equal role in the movie!!! awesome awesome… made me cry to…


    superb……… movie well acting…tat baby sara wat a acting superbh……….

  5. kh

    its nice to see a gd movie but one advice to directors, dun say its ur own movie after copying it. admit the truth man. u directors r fit to steal other stories but nt ready to tell the truth. this is an exception to directors like bala, vasantha balan.

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