Divya Spandana

Chris Gayle’s six hits kid, Divya Spandana worried

Divya Spandana

The ongoing Indian Premier League has become a favorite switch on, for many. Kollywood celebs too can’t resist the craze and many try to keep themselves updated, no matter where they are. Divya Spandana is one lucky lady, who got to catch all the action supporting her RCB(Royal Challengers Bangalore) team LIVE! at the stadium.

Commotion surrounded the recently concluded match at Chinnaswamy Stadium, as a young girl named Tia Bhatia bled her nose profusely as a Jamaican torpedo hit her. Striker Chris Gayle, had spectators jumping in celebration as his six hit Tia right on her nose. Divya Spandana who saw all this from a distance, said, “A kid in my terrace stand, was hit by Gayles six. I hope she is ok. My prayers go out to her and her family.” The young girl was rushed to the Mallya hospital and later paid a visit by Mallya Jr and Chris Gayle himself. Chris walked in to check if she was feeling all right, but was surprised to hear the 11-year-old say, “It was an honor to be hit by your six.” Moved by her words Gayle told his fans, “Visited Tia who got hit by 1 of my 6s, broken nose :(..her 1st word to me is to Chill,She’s fine!” Gayle who handed the medal for the most number of 6’s that day, to Tia, did enquire about her condition with the doctors. They assured him that she was under observation for 24 hours and will be discharged soon after. Divya your prayers have been answered. 🙂


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