Chitti Robot returns to Los Angeles

Chitti Robot
Chitti Robot

Remember the ‘Chitti’ Robot, the character of the ‘human Robot’ what was much liked by the fans of the superstar as well as the public in the film ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ last year? Rajini played dual roles of a scientist and a human Robot named ‘Chitti’ and clearly, ‘Chitti’ won the hearts of his fans more than the scientist ‘Vaseegaran’ did.

The ‘Robot’ shown to be Rajini was actually ‘structured’ and ‘made’ by the Stan Winston Studios in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Rajni’s casual acting endeared ‘Chitti’ more to the viewers who just couldn’t bear the ‘dismantling’ of the Robot in the climax sequence of the film.

Robot, constructed by a team comprising more than 100 technician in the Lexy Effects section of the Studios, has now gone back to its original place i.e. to Los Angeles. The ‘Robot’ would now be in the company of the many mechanical devices which were earlier giving it good company prior to its creation as Robot.

Chitty’s colleagues, who have starred in famous Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Terminator’, ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Avatar’, can’t be more happy at the return of ‘Chitti’. The ‘homecoming’ of Robot reportedly triggered a celebration in the Studios!



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    Correct Bit, ivanunga kena koothinga ivanungalukku polappu illaa enthiran vechi kodi kodiyaa thuttu sambaathichathu pathala pavam daa ezhai makkal

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