Chinmayi: Organic food is good, Bio Technology Food is bad

Chinmayi, the multi-faceted personality (Singer, CEO of a company) is now all set to create the awareness on the effects of BT food (Bio Technology food) and the goodness of Organic food. Also, the singer’s blog and profile on the Internet are overflowing with inputs, comments and ideas that seek to spread the message that organic food is good! Joining with her is actress Rohini. Rohini and Chinmayi will soon be holding a press conference to announce their plan of action.

Chinmayi, on her part, has started involving friends to popularise the organic food growth in the city. As a first step, the singer Chinmayi has begun growing Organic vegetables and fruits at her home and encouraged her friends to do so. Elaborating her cause, she adds, “For instance, one of the scientists present at the meeting claimed that cows would not be able to eat cotton seeds that come from BT cotton. And, growing BT crops could spell disaster for our soil in the long run. This really alarmed us. So, Rohini and I really wanted to take this issue to the public.”

Rohini on this said they are planning to hold a star night with prominent singers to spread this message widely.



  1. rudhra

          Hi shamu, this is for ur info- the insulin that diabetes patient take is 100% genetically modified, a biotechnology product. the soyabean and corn that is grown in US is also BT product. The soyabean oil which is used in our kitchen is from US. The only problem with BT is, it makes our farmers anticipate foreign companies for seeds. we shud only think on how to develop technologies on our own rather than depending on other countries…I am a biotechnologist. 
          She is doing it for publicity…

  2. kamal

    Precisely the point! why would indian farmers need to be made dependant on the source for their farming when they are already self sufficient.Everyone knows that food production in India is fine and distribution methods and preserving methods is wat needs to be developed.
    BT Cotton and Vidharbha farmers story needs to be researched on.Also even in the US studies are going on effects of Corn and BT soya.
    We need more tests and specially on long term effects.Its impact in the current environment needs to be seen, though it might giv a small spike in production for the moment.

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