Chinmayi is happy for her fans


Well everyone had this one from Endhiran at their tip of their tongues,here goes,

Kilimanjaro Malai kanimanjaaro Kanna kuzhimanjaro

yaaro, yaaro,

aaha, aaha!!

aaha, aaha!!

See you already sang it with us ! Well that what we are taking to be more precise  its Chinmayi magic friends. We don’t need to tell you how quick that song seeped into our brain cells and refused to get out for a while. Chinmayi herself  is really overwhelmed by the rave reviews she got for her song and thanked her fans for it here is what she had to say,

As of now Kilimanjaro holds the No 1 position in the top 100 countdown of several Tamil stations in India and abroad. Last year, Vaarayo from Aadhavan was No 1. Thanks to my fans that made it happen. Hoping to realize more dreams in 2011, been chasing them for a while now.

We surely hope you will rise steadily up the ladder this year too with an appealing voice like that how can even the Almighty refuse you a request lady.



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