Chettiyar community turn against RKs Puli Vesham

Chettiyar Community against Puli Vesham

Industrialist-turned-actor RK has refuted in concrete terms that his latest film ‘Puli Vesham’ has in any way maligned the Chettiyar community, one of the dominant castes in the State. ‘Puli Vesham’, which has RK playing the lead role, has Sadaa, Karthick, Mansoor Ali Khan and a newcomer Divya, released last week in theatres.

The film has been directed by P. Vasu, who has delivered some significant hits in his career including the record-breaking ‘Chinnathambi’ starring Prabhu and Khushboo and the super-duper hit ‘Chandramukhi’ starring Rajinikanth in the lead. ‘Puli Vesham’ has been directed by Vasu after a brief hiatus from films.

At a recent meeting of the Aarya Vaisya Munnetra Peravai held in Salem, the members spoke angrily about the way the ‘Chettiyar’ community has been treated in the film. They demanded an apology from the producer of the film for including sequences where in ‘the community is spoken of lowly’ and demanded that those portions should be deleted from the film. Many resolutions were also passé towards this effect.

RK, who is also the producer of the film, has firmly denied those accusations. “Our purpose was to make a wholesome entertainer which would appeal to all sections of the audience. The dialogues in the film are quite natural and are according to the needs of the script. No man or community has been targeted; I, therefore, request everyone to treat it as a ‘film’ and not take anything seriously,” RK has said.



  1. vasu

    What if they portrait that community that way … it is the worst community i have seen… they can only cook and eat … waste fellows fit for nothing. 

  2. think before you speak/write

    What if the same thing happens to the community you belong to. Now dont try to act as if you dont belive in any community etc.

    Grow up-stop talking ill about these senitive issues in publin. Cheap behaviour.

  3. Vasu-Stop blabberrng rubbish

    I agree with you.

    @Vasin-dont you know of so many famous personalities from ‘Chettiar’ Community. So min your words, before posting things in public forums

  4. Vasu-Stop blabberrng rubbish

    Dont you know of any famous personalities from chettiar community. So stop blaberring any rubbish before you post anything in public forums.

    Just to list a few, eg:

    Mayor Sri Ramanathan Chettiar, Chennai
    Alagappa Chettiar-Business tycoon in India
    Raja Annamalai Chettiar-Philanthropist of Annamalai university
    Chettiar Hall, Alwarpet, Chennai

  5. Google to gain some knowledge

    Just type in google to know about chettiars, their background and famous personalities and establishments run by chettiar’s….

  6. vasu

    excuse me ……. I belong to the same community……… right from my childhood fed up with these guys.. thats y i dont wanted to marry a chettiar gal… these fellows blabbering puli killi… bullshit.. i hate it 🙁

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