Cheran says Gujarat would become Singapore in 20 years

With many leading stars and comedians taking sides and entering the campaign fray thereby lending their support for political parties in the ensuing Assembly polls, director-actor Cheran hasn’t done so. Instead, in his own way, he has been trying to create some sort of ‘awareness’ among the voters as to whom they should vote for.

Cheran, one of the few industry folks who are regular on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, has exhorted the Tamil populace to thing ‘hard and strong’ before casting their votes in favour of any political party in the upcoming elections. Not so surprisingly, he has cited the example of Gujarat, which remains a model State in so many spheres.

“With no Govt.-operated liquor shops (read TASMAC) and no apparent power-cuts that take the soul out of the common man, the Gujarat Government headed by (BJP’s) Narendra Modi has managed to bring about a turn-around in fortunes in the State. The State, which owed almost Rs.50,000 crores to the World Bank a decade back, has now deposited a whopping Rs.1.00 lakh crores with the Bank.

“If it keeps on moving in the same direction, it would become another ‘Singapore’ in about 20 years. Whether Tamil Nadu….?” is the question posed by Cheran to the voters.



  1. Aravind

    yes Cheran….u r right and wht to do we have to choose between bad and utter worst leaders…………….

  2. Aravind

    Owl where there is no corruption there will be development certainly….Modi may be communally biased but he is very straight forward person……there is no freebies in the state,no liquor and also no power cuts…..also if u have to get license there is single window system in which u can get appro val from all the officers just submiting u r papers to a single officer…that too in a very fast pace……

  3. owl

    nice to hear, appidiye modi india pura intha decipline kathu kudutha nalla irukum and no one have to go abroad for peacefull life.

  4. Vasin

    I don’t like Modi because he doesn’t look good and modern and western. He would continue to make our people believe the stupid culture we have been maintaing is right. We need a leader with the style and goodness of Obama

  5. nanban

    Do you have any clues what Obama have done for America or to the world ? can you list anything ? you will not be able to list one !

  6. nanban

    Yes ofcourse, if the money she has taken out from the government (to her / Shashikala pocket) during her last term is invested !

  7. nanban

    then what ? who else is in the election poll ? no good person is nominating for election, at end we have no choice, we have to vote these culprits 🙁

  8. Vasin

    Yes; he has given confidence to all non whites in the world; the confidence to fight and match the superior white race; whites are superior because until this date they have been better than others in any aspect of human life.

  9. Vasin

    Ha Ha Ha…Development depends on the skill levels and the capacity to evolve. Nee ellam ethuku development pathi pesare!

  10. Vasin

    Poda Punnaku; nichayama oru thoguthy’la oru independent candidate’avathu nallavana irpan; vote for him; you have to start from somewhere; you muttal.

  11. Raja

    Mr. Cheran doesnot know about Mr. Modi human right violation he kiled people under his power
    Mr. CHERAN please read his history before mention about him
    thank you

  12. guy

    if we r yellow monkeys, u r black monkeys!! where is the admin?? how can u let such racist comments!! this site is becoming like R21 film!!


    but he is still doing wat bush did.. attacking muslim countries.. even recently attacked Libya.. especially when it is none of their bloody business!! USA jus claims they are the ‘BIG BROTHER’ of the world and interfere in all aspects!! we can look after ourselves!! United Nations and Human Rights Commission shld be interfering!! definitely not USA!!

  14. guy

    yes alot of countries, including INDIA and CHINA, opposed and condemned about USA and western countries attacking LIBYA!

  15. Vasin

    Hey INBLACK Are you an Indian you stupid Maanga? Muslims from those areas around Middle East and Coucuses came to India to destroy 60000 temples and irevocably damage our Hindu Culture; what we have today in India is a predominantly Islamic culture. Dou you Gaddafi is not basically an Arab but a Berber like Zinedine Zidan but in some North African countries that are their own homeland Berber names are banned. Muslims are evil; they must be punished. Obama is right. World can’t function without a leader; the leader has to be UK or USA. If the yellow monkeys China takes the upperhand you too will become a yellow monkey. If India takes the upperhand roads will smell piss. 

  16. tamizhan

    Why is is it so difficult for people to understand that he isn’t talking about modi, instead he is talking about a prograssive state.

    Tamil Nadu stands first in Kangaroo Courts(katta panchayathu), most jadhi kalavaram/fights on caste even though there was one periyar was there! People still hold grudges against bhramins and fail to move with time inspite of having a wooping 67% in reservation in all TN Govt & education instution. TN is the only state that has political parties based on one particular castes e.g., thevar, kallar, goundar etc.

    I will not upport killing of any innocent.. however, one needs to understand that the communal violence started after a bunch of muslim fundamentalists torched an entire bogie of a train that killed 58 people, which included women/men/children/old people/and karsevaks. This was proved in the court by a 14 year old who was a muslim himself. It was his owners who torched the bogie and he had seen it all! This was the occation that triggered communal violence. That was in the past, today in GUjarath including muslims are progressing and beniffitting from it. There are no more communal violance in that state! In tamil Nadu, the guy who bombs Kovai (Abdhul Madhani) and kills innocents … comes out of bail and starts his own political party in Kerala! Narendra modi isn’t great, he is just doing what is expected from any CM.  The only difference from other CM is ”He is doing it without hicuups”! 

  17. tamizhan

    You’re an asshole! You have nothing in your head! People like you are the ones who is withholding India’s progress! 

  18. abc

    An IIM graduate who contested in Central Chennai lost in MP election..if this is the situation in Chennai what can we expect from rest of TN..we will be writing comments for years to come…thats all…

  19. Vasin

    IIM is no Oxford. IIM is meant for professional success. In UK individuals with ambitions of running the country go to Oxford; they form cliques; and grow at a fast pace in terms communication, style, ideology, connections….and so forth apart from their curriculums. No Indian institute is good enough to produce social leaders. IIM might be good enough to produce business leaders but I am not convinced; the finger size philosophy Indra Nui spoke at the Columbia University annual event made me think even after becoming the Pepsi Chief this woman could not come up with something modern to explain her point.

  20. Vasin

    If the human rights violation was against Muslims I would not blame him; Muslims are crazy; India must use force to convert all muslims; Bangladesh and Pakistan must be invaded. 

  21. Vasin

    IIM looks massive to you because so many of you compete for very few places. However I saw a few IIM graduates here; even an ordinary UK Uni graduate is far ahead of IIM graduates; they would be so convincing in arguments; their smiles, refined seriousness …generally the body language. However since many Indian post graduates had engineering education a few of them have been able to defeat UK candidates for Analyst positions. 

  22. tamizhan

    A well educate person is anytime better to run this country than an usless bugger who kindles communal violance for his own selfish! Guess what, it is time for you to check your IQ! If she isn’t able to communicate, she would have not been the CEO of Pepsico!  

  23. Urvashi

    IIMs, IITs, IPSs, IASs are not needed for the hour. People from premier school are not going to do any siht cleaning work as we already have a long list of premier school graduates in the State and the Center as Legislative members and Minsters of parliament.None of those dogs can bring in social revolution except enjoying the beneifts out of our taxed money. All these guys who study in premier business schools or USA, UK, Canada, Australia are weak people who can not survive with normal degrees from India. They need to beat the rest by jacking up their qualifications which are of NO WORTH and a cake walk to pocket those certificates. Just a brand name; no actual valuess to these degrees For example, some of the lazy young bums in politics —– Jagdish Tytler, J Scindia, Agatha Sangma….the list goes on — all convent-foreign-premier-school educated…

    India has been producing top graducates for 20+ years and millions of graduates study abroad —- We do not hear about these bright brains behind some inventions like google, facebook, ipod, ipad, kindle, twitter. It means these guys just study at these schools or countries just to have an edge over other indian students. An extra pay and an earlier interview call or an easy entry or consideration for a job or a venture. That’s it!

    Worked with all these top brains —- none is as great as media portrays or the institutes market for applications. Tell me one good name behind a revolutionaty Indian from these schools or countries – be it in science, technology, cinema, sports, arts, business. All the names we hear and read daily are the people who have worked hard for it or have gained real time experience in their respective fields.

    Qualifications can not even clean the dirt in your dick or spotting in one’s psusy. Only conscience can lead to a corruption-free governance which is not going to happen in India as our ministers are confused about what to do with the money. They swindle the money thinking they can scerw 10 psussies at a time; bolw 10 dciks a time placing the embezzlement in the namie of a long list of binamis. Eventually, most of these binamis loot the money from the looters and these looters can not compalin to cops. That’s why a lot of murders, kangaoroo courts, and missiing people….

    Cheran should make a film on the constitution loopholes, ministers’ loots, binami looting money from these looters, binamis becoming anti-social elements or suicidal stories like Sadik Basha. Tamil Nadu enjoys either Manik Basha (Rajini Kanth) or enquires about Sadik Basha (the late assistant of rocket raja)

    To be honest, one needs to have justification not qualifications…..

  24. Mustafa from Gandhinagar

    Modi is great . We appreciate Modi for his great administration. Only money monded media people show him as bad because he doesnot pay them unlike Congress who allocates funds to these media mafia and few NGOs for targetting its political opponents

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