Cheran resigns vice president

Cheran resigns as vice president of Directors’ Association

Cheran resigns vice president

Directors-turned-actors Cheran and Ameer surprised their contemporaries within the Kollywood industry as well as the members of the public by contesting the elections to elect the office-bearers of the Directors’ Association as a single faction. Many predicted that the ‘intellectual’ directors might opt to contest against each other.

As it happened, veteran director Bharathiraaja was elected as the President while Cheran and Ameer got elected as the Vice-President and Secretary (respectively in that order) of the Association. The Association took several measures later to revive the Association’s sorry state of financial strength. It made it mandatory for all the assistant directors to become members of the Association by subscribing.

The latest news doing rounds in Kollywood about the Association is that Cheran has decided to resign from the Association. The sudden decision of an active and hard-working member like Cheran to dissociate himself from the Association has shocked many budding directors and assistant directors.

It is reported that both Bharathiraaja and Ameer have told Cheran in plain terms that his resignation at this juncture is unacceptable. The resignation letter has been kept pending and hasn’t been accepted so far, it is further reported. The decision by Cheran to resign has been kept under wraps so far.

Cheran, however, won’t have nothing of it and has been telling his friends that if his resignation is not accepted in a week or two, he would go to the press and explain the background which led to his decision to resign from the Association. Keep watching this space for further updates.


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