Cheran demands 5 Lakhs from assistant directors

Director Cheran
Director Cheran

Director-cum-actor Cheran who has been lying low for some time now, has new demand of  Pay Rs 5 lakhs  to  work with me as an assistant director.

On this while Cheran spoke he highlighted that assistant directors, who come to work with me, disappear from the team even before a film is completed. And it becomes a difficult job for me to find some one new at that stage of the film, and i end up taking care all those extra work loads. In order to not let this happen in future, I  have ‘drafted’  some pre-conditions to those who would want to train under me  in the future. Though he didnt talk on the conditions,

These were  conditions his office issued when contacted over the phone: whoever wants to work as assistant director with Cheran must deposit Rs.5 lakhs with him as ‘caution deposit’. They also need to sign a contract agreement that they must work with him in at least in three films. And this money would be returned back at the end of the stipulated period with a conduct certificate too.

Interesting scenariom while most  assistant directors find it difficult to earn meal for thrice a day, one wonder how would they be able to muster up the ‘caution deposit’ that Cheran seeks!




    what is guarantee that he will act or direct three more films…the assistant director can be producer instead

  2. Vasin

    Hey Donkeys

    Cheran is a very rational guy. He would have decided on this after due consideration.

    Ethavathu puthusa different’a senja aarambichuduveengale!

    Donkey Lazy Donkey
    Poga Venum Kas
    Inga Illa Osi
    Ennum Konjam Yosi

  3. Sam

    From Cheran’s point of view this looks fine and he justifies it well, but the last line of the article sums it up very well. Thats the sad reality.

  4. velan

    most of the director when they assistent that time they r very poor. i was read on news paper.if really poor guys cant work with cheran.what happen cheran? please change ur decision otherwise poor people cant learn the job.

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