Chennai Super Kings Vs Kollywood

The scenarios have  changed within couple of weeks ,After having lost 4 matches on the row, the probabilitity of the Chennai Super Kings  making it through to the semi finals was very meagre. But the Chennai Super Kings are now back in full housed packed action  after three wins. The ground attendance figure for the last match at  chennai against the Mumabi Indian was all tickets sold of which  at least 60 to 70 per cent of people on the terrace were all young girls and women.

Precisely two weeks back, the producers and distributors of Kollywood where of the thought their films can be released with an ease.

But now as the Chennai team is striking back with a big bang, it’s time to rethink. It’s worth mentioning that most of the night shows in both multiplexes and single screens are running scarce of audiences.

On the dot, that could’ve been the only reason why Sun Pictures is opting to release Vijay’s ‘Sura’ after the IPL season. Now, there  are couple of tentative release dates on April 23 and May 1 that will finalized by this weekend.

Whatever might be when Chennai Super Kings team wins, there is no equivance to it for  a Super kings supporter.

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