Chellams, I introduce you to my chellam

Prakash raj-Pony Verma

Prakash Raj, the winner of the Best Actor award in the 57th Idea Filmfare Awards 2009 (Tamil ) for his brilliant performance in Kanchivaram, as the art weaver, of the traditional silk sarees, directed by Priyadarshan had a great saturday inspite of suffering from cold and fever the previous night, Proud and ecstatic, Prakash Raj, reveling the fact that he could take home this lovely black lady regularly, also took the opportunity to officially announce the love of his life Pony Verma to friends in the film fraternity.

Friends, I’ve been a bachelor for quite some time now and I take this opportunity to introduce the special person in my life, Rashmi Pony Verma,” he said. With those words, he introduced his pretty lady love on to the stage. “Meghana, please come up too,” the actor said, urging his little one as she hesitantly flinched in her seat. It was heart-warming to note how the little one bonded with Pony, as she spent a good part of the ceremony cosily seated on her lap.

Once his two special women were on stage, the actor uttered his Ghilli words that got the audiences cheering and clapping. “Chellams, I introduce you to my chellam,” the actor stated, much to the delight of his fans. The blushing Pony for her part, said ‘Vanakkam’ to the audience.



  1. Reader

    Bastard!! he couldnt live with his wife n 2 kids now after another bitch's ass. iwan ellam ithna olagathuku thewaya?

    awan ponnuku kalyanam pannara wayasula iwanuuku kalyanam. chellam & fuck

    there are many innocent little babies n kids thrive to live for the day in poor countries but these kind of barstards are bathing in wealth.


  2. Prabhakar

    Whats the problem with all you guys and girls??.. grow up and get a life.. why is it always the man's mistake if the marriage thing does nt work!! wish him good or shut up!!

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