Chandini finds it hard to get the Tirunelveli dialect

Chandni speaks tirunelveli dialect in Padithurai

Remember Chandini, who debuted as Shantanu’s heroine in Sidhu Plus Two last year, is presently starring in the film Padithurai which has been directed by Suga. Unlike her role of a bubbly, modern girl in Sidhu Plus Two, Chandini plays a typical Tirunelveli girl in the film Padithurai and found it very hard to get her diction right.

Chandini, however, took it as a challenge and mastered the Tirunelveli dialect and even dubbed in her own voice for her character in the film. Nowadays, dubbing in one’s own voice is considered nothing less than a great achievement; more so, if the heroine is a non-Tamilian. Even Tamil actresses like Trisha and Sneha lag behind when it comes to dubbing in their own voices in their films.

“I feel extremely happy to have dubbed in my own voice for the film Padithurai; it was a challenge for me to speak fluently in the Tirunelveli dialect,” says Chandini as she caresses her hair. “The director had clearly told me that unless I mastered the accent spoken by the local folks in Tirunelveli, the lip-sync won’t be perfect at the time of dubbing.

“I learnt the local lingo even as the shooting was progressing; the fact that Suga hails from Tirunelveli made it tougher for me as he carefully put the local lingo in place while penning the dialogues. At first, I took some hours to reel off two-three lines but picked up the pace later, thanks to Suga’s cooperation in this regard,” concludes Chandini.

Chandini hopes the success of Padithurai would get her the much needed break.


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