Censor Board sends bouquet to Vikram

Deiva Thirumagal Vikram
Deiva Thirumagal Vikram

In a gesture that is rarely displayed by it, the Censor Board has send a ‘bouquet’ to actor Vikram’s residence to appreciate his awesome performance in his upcoming film ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, which is releasing across the State and elsewhere this Friday (15th July).

Directed by Vijay, ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ has Anushka and Amala Paul as Vikram’s heroines in the film. The Censor Board, which recently watched the film, not only expressed its wholesome appreciation for the way the film had been made and appreciated Vikram’s performance in the film. It also arranged to send a ‘bouquet’ to the actor’s residence as a token of its appreciation.

The film was passed without a single ‘cut’ by the Censors who have awarded an ‘U’ certificate for the film. The film is being distributed and released by UTV. The press-meet in connection with the release of the film was held on the other day in which Vikram and Vijay participated and faced a barrage of questions from the media-persons.

Vijay, who has reportedly adapted the film from the Hollywood film ‘I’m Sam’ starring Sean Penn in the lead, didn’t reveal as to whether it’s a frame-by-frame remake or is just based on it. Some print magazines are apprehensive Vijay would have attempted a typical remake of the film but Vikram’s presence in it has made all the difference and made it a film to look forward with lots of hope!


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