Prasanna Sneha latest photo

Caste issues over Sneha-Prasanna’s marriage

Prasanna Sneha latest photo

Actor Prasanna has said that though his marriage to actress Sneha has almost been finalized, there were some issues which are yet to be ‘sorted out’ between the two sides. As such, the date of marriage hasn’t yet been decided and would be announced in January next year, says the actor.

Prasanna surprised many within and outside the industry by going public with his statement a fortnight back that he and Sneha had been in love for the past few years and would soon be entering wedlock. The duo had starred against each other in a solitary film titled Achamundu Achamundu and weren’t spotted hanging out. This was why Prasanna’s announced took many by surprise. Sneha, who is abroad, was said to have been equally surprised when she got calls and messages wishing her.

Both Prasanna and Sneha had always maintained that they were ‘just good friends’ and that there was nothing more or nothing less about their relationship. After confirming that marriage was on the cards, Prasanna said that their wedding would take place soon. When Prasanna made the announcement, Sneha was away in Doha in Gulf to meet her brother. When she returned and confronted questions about her marriage to Prasanna, she simply said ‘no comments’ and moved on.

Sneha is a bit upset that the news of our marriage was revealed to the press when she was abroad. She told me that she wanted to get a clear ‘yes’ from her family before announcing to the press the news about marriage. I and Sneha belong to different caste and due to this, talks are going on between our families. One everything is finalized, we shall announce the date of marriage in the third week of January next year,” was Prasanna’s reply when he was spoken to by some journos.


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