Case filed against T Rajendar and Simbu for threatening distributor to murder

Case against T Rajendar and Simbu

S.P. Ramamurthy, a well-known distributor from Trichy, has filed a complaint with the Chennai Police Commissioner alleging that Vijaya T. Rajendhar and his son and actor Simbu threatened to ‘kill him’ if he didn’t withdraw the case he had filed in the Court against them.

In his complaint, Ramamurthy has said that “T Rajendar owes me Rs.31 lakhs, which is due to me on ‘minimum guarantee basis’ when he releaed his film Monisha En Monalisa way back in 1999. He didn’t pay me the amount after repeated reminders and I filed a case with the Court in 2007 requesting it to ‘retrieve’ my money. When Simbu’s ‘Silambattam’ released, I filed a case in the Court seeking stay in releasing the film till my dues are cleared by TR.

“At that time, TR agreed orally to return the amount and I allowed the film’s release. At the time of release of Simbu’s latest film ‘Vaanam’, I met TR at his residence and requested him to pay up the dues. I was treated badly by TR and STR (Simbu) who said that I won’t be able to do any harm to them and asked me to vacate the place at once.

“Now that there is change of guard in the State, I met TR again the day before yesterday after I was invited by him to arrive at a ‘compromise’. Simbu and TR said they would ‘finish me off’ and told me to approach the Courts to get my amound back. They slapped me on the face and sent me out. In the circumstances, I fear danger to my life from them. I, therefore, request you to arrange for police protection to save my life besides helping me get back the amount soon.” the complaint ended thus.



  1. Vasin

    Karady nu sollatheenga ivunungala. Thamilnaata evalution la pinnaadi kondutu porathunu nikkaraanga so call them Monkeys.

  2. DK

    @vasin..yein ivlo emotion agure??TR unney kalyanam pannikiren’nu solli yemathitara??yeppadi pa avaru unne madri oru gay poi kattiparu..but i agree with u they are manamketta monkeys like u..long live vasin n TR’s illicit affair 😎

  3. DK

    ha ha haa..wondering how our previous generation accepted him in tamil cinema..lucky iam never watched any of his movie…he is a comedy king.

  4. dineshmcv

    en karadinu solli kardiya achinga paduthuringa………..evan oru thani jandhu…and they have named this jandhu as T fucking R

  5. Kindal

    Oru Vela Simbu Nija Police Endru TR Nambittaaro????? *DONT_KNOW*  Aanaalum 31 Latchchaththa Vanga Pooi Adivangi Police Poonathukku Pathilaga 4 Ravudikku 2 Latchchaththa Koduththa 29 Lachchamavathu Kaikku Vanthirukkum 😉 .

  6. Smile

    Forget abt his movies…just listening to his dialogue delivery is more than enough to get people insane!I never watched his movies too….I can’t stand this bear and his monkey son.Now i know how he got the name chimbu….Chimbu the chimpanzee!

  7. vnd

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  8. jaiyavel

    to : vijaya rajender : unukku nalla mariyathai irukku but……. un payanani (simbu) nanithal nee out in tamil nadu

  9. danger

    mr. tr

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  10. duplicate vasin

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  11. Naveen

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