Canadian Tamils Salute Amitabh Bachchan

Canadian Tamils salutes Amitabh

The Canadian Tamil community which is no less than 3,00,000-strong has hailed Amitabh Bachchan as the “great ambassador for mankind” for not attending the IIFA ceremony in Colombo.

Big B is really big. This name suits him, and he is our hero today. We Tamils salute him. By not going to Sri Lanka, Big B stands tall among Tamils around the world,” said Canadian Tamil Congress national spokesman David Poopalapillai in Toronto.

Tamils are proud of Big B, his family and all the Indian actors who refused to become hosts of Sri Lanka which has innocent Tamil blood on its hands. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Bachchan has shown that he cares for us. He has shown to the world that he is a great ambassador for mankind and a great champion of human rights, the Tamil leader said.

Poopalapillai also has said the Tamil Diaspora would “suitably reciprocate” his gesture at appropriate time.

Hitting out at Bollywood actors who attended the awards function that ended early Sunday, the Tamil leader said: “By standing with those who have our blood on their hands, these stars have disgraced themselves. Sri Lanka held this ceremony on thousands of bodies of innocent Tamils. These actors have brought disgrace to India which believes in the Gandhian principle of respect for human rights.”

Tamils around the world has been condemning the Bollywood for helping the Sri Lankan government to hide its alleged war crimes by conducting the IIFA event in Colombo.

He said the awards ceremony was a ploy by Sri Lanka to divert world attention from its “war crimes”.

Taking a dig at Salman Khan who has criticised Amitabh Bachchan for not attending the extravaganza, Poopalapillai said, “Who is this Salman Khan? He stands nowhere near Big B. So how can people like him criticise Mr Bachchan?”



  1. US-Tamilan


    We US-migrated Tamilians salute you for your kind heart and the way you respected Tamils feelings.

    By staying away from IIFA event , You really stands tall among Tamils around the world.

  2. Anonymous

    Big B just got panicked and pissed off and didnt attend. not bcos he respected and loved tamils. so my fellow tamils dont get emotions. just behave and use brain like AR Rahman and be a roman among romans while in Rome. when chance comes attack.

    "naanum tamil inamthan"

  3. Anonymous

    June 7, 2010 5:08 PM

    AR Rahman is a sengunthar mudaliyar and not a malayalee

    I dont know about malayalees. AR Rahman is very good in what he does. he is a peoples man. and a tamilian

  4. Anonymous

    Respect the feelings of tamil ppl from SL, who have suffered a lot. Don't even heed your ears to what these stupid politicians in India say about it. They are least cared about the real sufferings and more cared to the advantages it would fetch them in vote bank politics. In that way, this protest is baseless.

  5. Anonymous

    tamils are behaving like they dont have a brain….
    theses srilankan function tickets are not selling only for the sinhalese as well as the tamil peoples. then y these stupits are interrupt those innocent tamils who staying in sri lanka….
    canadian tamils(having good life with all goods) they got every thing but these innocent srilankan tamils are just starting to come out what the point of stoping every thing and make another heat between to races.
    u guys are staying out… now war end all canadian tamils come back to ur own villages then salute. now shut every thing and let enjoy ur brothers…

  6. Anonymous

    background…… ha haa haaa…..
    Iam srilankan….. and iam living in srilanka….
    where r u now????? who knows more back ground…..

  7. Anonymous

    June 8, 2010 12:10 PM

    may be you are brahmin or half tamil thats why you are smiling and happy. dont talk if you are not from vanni or other worst hit northern tamil regions

  8. Anonymous

    ha haa… see u have the race between hindu… then how u guys going to make pease for us…
    u stupit dont stay away and talk rubbish… come to srilanka, feel it then talk…
    stoping being slaves for eropeans come down , come to ur mother….

  9. Anonymous

    indian govt is racist. will only acknowledge people related to brahmins. brahmins are there in every corner of indian government authority as IAS, IPS, Income Tax, CBI etc…then, how will other caste grow. brahmins include all other caste which will do anything for money like reddy, marathi, rajput. this is the reason why maoist fighting. I am from top caste in India but this is what I feel about India. even europeans and American will feel the same I guess

  10. Anonymous

    I think the person who has been cursing bramins in many posts is brahmin self … podhu makkal paarvaikaaga scene podararu pola hehe!

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