S.P. Muthraman

Call off strike soon, veteran film-maker S.P. Muthraman urges film producers

S.P. Muthraman
S.P. Muthraman

Veteran film-maker and producer-director S.P. Muthuraman has urged the film-makers in Kollywood to call off the strike by the Tamil Nadu Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) soon so that it doesn’t hurt the families of employees and workers who depend on film-making to earn their daily bread and butter.

A few lakhs employees and workers have been rendered jobless in view of the strike by Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners’ Association against the exorbitant amount charged for digitization of films; strike has also been called by the TFPC which has demanded that the Govt. sort out the issue of levying too much entertainment tax along with GST which would force them to increase fares in theatres/halls/multiplexes.

Halls in the State remain closed from last Friday and no Tamil film has hit the screens from the 01st of this month, making it four weeks since any new Tamil film had hit the screens anywhere in the State. In view of the impending strike, there is increasing sense of annoyance and desperation prevailing among the workers. Commenting on the scenario, S.P. Muthuraman said that the situation was ‘very bad’ and it needed some urgent ‘trouble-shooting’/

“Tamil film industry is in an ICU ward now; it is fighting for its life: unless adequate steps are taken, it may not survive at all. Centre and State Governments should take emergency measures to save the film industry from disintegrating. Concerted and sincere efforts should be made by all concerned,” urged Muthuraman, who made 25 films starring superstar Rajinikanth.


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