Boss Engira Baskaran rocks in Box Office

Boss Engira Baskaran rocks in Box Office

Arya‘s Boss Engira Baskaran released on Ramzan day in 240 screens in Tamil Nadu has taken an earth shattering opening at the box-office.

According to trade sources, the film on its opening day has reported a 95.5 per cent opening (100 per cent in Chennai’s 14 screens), the best ever opening day collection for a Tamil film in 2010!

A theatre owner says, “Boss Engira Baskaran is a super-duper hit and has taken a fantastic opening. The film is also running in four other theatres near ours but still, it is doing 100 per cent everywhere as the content is good. A theatre in Ambatur even conducted a Friday midnight show, which went full. From Saturday the number of screens showing Boss Engira Baskaran increased to 275 and still the collections are holding on.”

Arya, who threw a big Eid party on Ramzan day to celebrate the success of Boss Engira Baskaran (he is also one of the producers of the film), says, “Boss Engira Baskaran is the biggest hit in my career. I strongly feel that the word of mouth spreads faster than fire. The moment the first show ends, moviegoers are ready to deliver the verdict. If the film has something to attract the audience content wise, it becomes unstoppable. The collections are rocking.”

A trade pundit on agreeing with Arya says, “Today, people can sniff out a hit by just checking out the trailer and promos on the Internet. We can gauge it three days before a release when the advance booking opens. A bad film, irrespective of the promotions, may bomb if the word of mouth is not good.”

The director Rajesh’s previous ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ turned to be the biggest box office entertainer during 2009.



  1. Anonymous

     Boss Engira Baskaran is not at all an entertaining movie..No twists and turns..

     Very ordinary…

    How it does good collection..Might be due to the number of theatres it got released..

  2. Anonymous

    its jus becoz the movie is very comical and both santhanam and arya have shared the space very well.. and it is an entertaining movie.. 

  3. anon

    boss… padathukku pona twist turns mukkiyam illa… starting  vitta interval.. interval vitta end.. ippadi padam porathe theriya koodathu…

  4. arun

    padam superhit.arya and santanam acting is very good.I hope it will run 100 days sucessfully.i can see everywhere is house full.all the best for team members.

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