Billa 2 Poster and Teaser Contest-Winners to spend a day with Thala Ajith

Win Billa 2 Poster and Teaser Contest to spend a day with Thala at the sets


Earlier a Mankatha trailer released exclusively by Thala fans became a rage among many for its slick visual appeal and a thrilling impact lasting for just about 2 minutes. The word has spread and keeping in mind the enthusiasm of Thala aficionados, Billa2 producer Sunir Kheterpal has himself announced, “A poster and teaser contest” exclusively for all Billa 2 and Ajith fans. The producer also gave an update on the ongoing project saying, “Hello people, BILLA 2 shoot has been progressing well. 10 days gone by, just 25 more to go before we finish Hyderabad Schedule. Have been busy working with the Design Team on the Teaser Posters and thought of making it more interactive with all you fans. We thought it will be great to invite fans to send us what they think the teaser poster of BILLA 2 should look like.”

Since many of you are aware of what the earlier logo looked like the Billa 2 design team expects you to make something on the same lines and of course don’t forget it’s version 2.The teaser can carry just the logo or an image of Thala coupled with the logo will also do just fine. The Logo competition runs for another 7 days while the deadline for the Teaser competition extends for a total of 14 days. All participants are expected to mail in all their contribution to [email protected]

If the team selects your design or trailer you could be lucky enough to spend one day at the Billa 2 sets with the ‘Man’ himself.



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