Bhojpuri film industry beckons Trisha

Bhojpuri film industry beckons Trisha
Bhojpuri film industry beckons Trisha

Actress Trisha is said to be getting feelers from the Bhojpuri film industry to consider playing lead roles in Bhojpuri language films.  Bhojpur film industry is not as big as compared to Kollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood or Mollywood but it is a small film industry which caters to the needs of the people of that region who are very proud of their language and the films made there.

Many leading South Indian actresses had been there and tried their luck with Bhojpuri films.  Nagma, who starred opposite superstar Rajinikanth in his ever-green ‘Baadsha’, was a prominent star in Bhojpuri films.  Following the success achieved by Nagma, the girl with the ‘Thunder Thighs’, Rambha, too starred in quite a few number of Bhojpuri films.

Now that Rambha is married and has settled down into matrimonial bliss, Bhojpuri film-makers are said to be sending ‘feelers’ to our own Trisha.  The actress, who made a vain bid to storm Bollywood last year, has wisely decided not to try her luck anymore in Hindi films and to restrict herself to mainly Tamil and Telugu films.

Trisha has recently made her foray in Sandalwood, the world of Kannada films, by signing a film opposite leading star DarshanTrisha is said to be still undecided about whether or not to accept the Bhojpuri film offer.

The leading actress might just delay her entry into Bhojpuri films as it is widely considered that only actresses who are in the twilight of their careers in Tamil and Telugu tend to take up Bhojpuri film offers.


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