Bhavana finds solace in Sandalwood


Bhavana, the bubbly actress, hasn’t been seen in Tamil films of late. Queries revealed that the actress was busy trying to establish for herself a ‘saleable’ market in Telugu films. All of a sudden, Bhavana landed up one of the lead roles opposite actor Ajith in his latest film ‘Asal’, which released last year.

The fact that ‘Asal’ didn’t scorch the box-office didn’t help Bhavana’s cause of stabilizing her market in Kollywood. The Kerala-born actress, in an effort to sustain her career, sent feelers to Sandalwood and landed up the offer of starring opposite top star Punith Rajkumar in the recently-released ‘Jockey’.

As luck would have it, ‘Jockey‘ has gone on to become a super-hit film, resulting in film offers pouring in at Bhavana’s direction. Thanks to the hit, Bhavana has also become the lucky mascot of Kannada films’ producers and directors.

Obviously not wanting to lose the mad-rush, Bhavana has decided to settle down in Bangalore and has been on the look-out for a permanent residence in Bangalore to enable her to take part in the shooting schedule of the many Kannada films she has agreed to star in.
In a curious case of sour grapes, Bhavana has predicted that ‘Kannada films’ are destined to go up quality-wise and has therefore, decided, for the time being not to concentrate on Tamil and Telugu films!



  1. Nandhanda Bhavana

    Ennada Aravind paiyaa, unaku asai jasthi… unakku nana… en mairu samam ella da nee… Dei next time if u updated comment lik dis, c wat i’m gonna do to your P—-

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