Bharitarajas son Manoj pinning big hopes as villain

Bharitaraja’s son Manoj pinning big hopes as villain

Bharitarajas son Manoj pinning big hopes as villain

Manoj Bharathi will soon make a return to the silver screens after a long hiatus. He is the son of acclaimed Kollywood director/producer Bharathiraja. Manoj will be seen donning the role of a villain in the upcoming Kollywood flick Kadhal Theevu.

The film Kadhal Theevu has been directed by Vetriveeran. He has got Ramcharan and a very young Tanvi Lonkar playing the lead role for the flick. Deciding on his cast the director was informed about actor Manoj wanting to make a return to movies. Even though he has played the hero’s role in many previous assignments, he feels that making a comeback as a villain would help establish a good stand among his fans. Settling down in life marrying actress Nandana, Manoj is making a return, pinning hopes on his director to give him new beginnings. Vetriveeran has assured him in return saying, “Manoj is playing a villain in my next Kadhal Theevu. His character is so powerful that it will be remembered by many, watching his superb performance.” It is also learnt that the actor has gone against the advice given by Appa Bharathiraja, on taking up the role of a baddie.

Another Good boy gone bad 🙂



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