Bharathiraja Ilayaraja controversy

Bharathiraja has no idea of re-uniting with Ilayaraja

Bharathiraja Ilayaraja controversy

Veteran director Bharathiraja was in his elements at the recent launch of his upcoming film Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum at Theni recently. The director found time to answer wide-ranging questions from the media persons who had assembled at the venue to witness the launch which was attended by veteran directors Balachandar, Balumahendra and Maniratnam among others.

Invariably, the queries centred around Bharathiraja’s much-awaited re-union with ‘Maestro’ Ilayaraja. Bharathiraja shot back instantly saying “What do I say to this? Did I ever once say that I’d work with Ilayaraja again? Of course, we formed a formidable combination for close to 15 years during when there were many musical hits. Later, I felt I needed a ‘different’ experience.

“Naturally, I sought the services of Devaa, Rahman and G.V Prakash Kumar. Working with each of them in various films provided me with plenty of unforgettable experiences film after film. Another thing I don’t understand is why the media is hell-bent on ‘uniting’ me and Ilayaraja; shouldn’t we be discussing about it if we felt there was a need for it?

“I have heard people saying that the quality of songs in my films with Ilayaraja was leagues ahead of my films with other music directors. Over a period of time, the songs composed by other musicians would also remain etched in the viewers’ minds. When a successful pair re-unites after separating for a few years, it may not be able to recreate the old success.

“Take the case of Viswanathan-Ramamurthy: we all know that MSV is a genius; still, his re-union with Ramamurthy didn’t produce the desired results. I only feel that it’s an inevitable change brought about by the Time Wheel that I moved away from Ilayaraja. Nothing more needs to be read into this,” concluded the veteran.



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    u stupid what the hell it is patnership and u should respect that.. moreover they are friends outside too so y u bother ??

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