Bharathiraja advice:"you should not workship actors or actresses"

Director Bharathiraja has urged youngsters not to perform ‘palabishekam’ or ‘arathi’ before the cut-outs and hoardings of actors whenever a new film is released.

Addressing students at a programme organised by a Madurai-based college, he said, “films are just to enjoy. You can spend your leisure time watching movies. But you should not worship actors or actresses.”

Urging younger generation not to go crazy about heroes, the veteran director said, “education is very very crucial for students to excel in life. At the same time, art too is essential to bring out change in society.”

He added: “I was not educated. I only studied the people of this part of the country which helped me make films on them. Likewise, art will help to locate the unique talent of every person.”

Bharathiraja, who had introduced many fresh talents to Tamil cinema, including a long list of actors and actresses, is known for making his stand clear on various issues.


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