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Bharathidasan’s son criticizes Kolaveri Song as Cultural Murder

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Dhanush might have succeeded in garnering unexpected and unprecedented name and fame through the Why this Kolaveri song from his upcoming film 3, there are many purists among the lyric-writing fraternity who haven’t taken very kindly to Dhanush, the lyricist, who has penned the song besides singing it. The film has music by newcomer Anirudh, said to be a close friend of Aishwarya.

The Kolaveri song registered more than 1.5 crore hits on the YouTube, making it eligible to receive the ‘gold star’ award, an honour not managed so far by any Tamil song on the Internet. However, the popularity of the song hasn’t deterred the so-called ‘Tamil lovers’ from hurling potshots at Dhanush. Incidentally, this song makes Dhanush unique as he’s the only national award-winning actor in the country who has penned and sung a song.

The recent audio launch of the film Udumban witnessed the presence of many senior poets and lyricists. Notable among them were lyricists Mannar Mannan, Arivumathi and Naa Kamarasan. Mannan, son of celebrated poet Bharathidasan, said that his late father never allowed anti-Tamil activities. “The trend of mixing Tamil and English words in a lyric is purely a lyricist’s mischief; nobody would have asked him to do so. It’s nothing but a ‘cultural murder’ which is condemnable,” said Mannan.

Arivumathi said “I hear that the Kolaveri song has been aped in many languages including Punjabi. A Tamil-loving youth from Jaffna had composed song with a similar tune where in he had questioned Dhanush’s wisdom in taking the Tamil language for a ride. The song, uploaded by the youth on YouTube, had been taken off within a day or two,” and added that it was nothing but disservice to Tamil.

Naa. Kamarasan, noted lyricist who had penned many memorable songs, said that the song amounted to ‘denigrate’ Tamil and Tamilians. Abdul Rahmen, another popular poet, regretted that the time of melodious music had become passé. “Ironically, it appears to be the season of only the Kolaveri kind of songs which hardly pass off as decent lyrics,” he remarked.


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