Bhagyaraj to campaign against Jayalalitha

Bhagyaraj - Karunanidhi
Bhagyaraj - Karunanidhi

As the poll season is nearing , all major star campaigners are getting aligned to the major league parties with focus to pull the crowd out of the house to the party gathering and also get paid some hefty amounts . Some are even trying their luck to get a MLA ticket.

This election would be either no different  indeed  we have been witness to the unfolding drama for the past few months. First it was yesteryear’s heartthrob Kushboo who joined DMK after all the cases on her were quashed by the Supreme Court. She even fired her first salvo at the AIADMK Supremo J Jayalalithaa.

Now it is the turn of director-actor K.Bhagyaraj to display his politicial leanings at the  Siddhu Plus two press meet, talking to media persons, he said he would compaign for the ruling DMK Candidates in the assembly election scheduled to be held in the early part of 2011.

The director said “The 2011 Assembly elections are crucial and only the DMK-led front has and would continue  fulfil people’s aspirations and take the State a step forward. As an individual, I cannot  make a difference to the State and so I will provide my support to  DMK,an organisation that stood on its principles to further the cause of the greater common good.

When Asked whether he would campaign against Jayalaitha

He was quick to reply “Yes I would campaign against Jayalalitha in Andipatti on orders from the headquarters“.

Politics is always a confusing spot, u never know who is where? The same  Bhagyaraj who is with DMK now was once declared the next Gen of  AIADMK by none other than MGR himself.  But when things didnt go out well with Jayalalitha , he floated his own party.,Mired in debt and other problems, later even bid goodbye to politics.

But in 2006 when DMKs star campainger T Rajendran dropped out of the party, Bhagyaraj  was called upon to campaign for the party.

With Kalaignar already giving rice for 1 Rupee/kg, what more can Bhagyaraj’s promise as freebie other an a Murungakaai Sambar.



  1. Vasin

    Dogs’na koraiva? Ean? It is very firendly with the human race. It loves us; so we should love it. Our muttal munnor yaro dog’a koraiva solli vechutan; dogs independence’a compromise pannura jaathinu;  neenga kuruda athaye sollitrikeengha.

  2. Vasin

    You cannot be serious; most of the Thamilar use the word ‘Naaye’ when they ooze hatred. Whites say ‘bitch’. That also is not applaudable but I wouldn’t lower a bitch for its behaviour in the mating season but its behaviour when it is with its puppies is little unpleasant. 

  3. aravind

    baghyaraj paavam sooru sapidnum ella athu than….spectrum kasu erruku…..ennum makkal enna kasta pada porangulooo

  4. prince

    DMK – once upon a time the party was used for public people when Annadurai became a leader of this party and source can be done for public and treated as “Kadamai Kanniyam Kattuppadu”. After karunanithi hold same party he treated for his family members as “Money Money Money”. As a tamilan I request to Mr Karunanithi please leave from tamil people you have enough money for your family members can run next 7 generation.. then why still holding DMK party and earn money for your family members. If you want to do any one goodness for tamil people kindly leave from Tamilnadu. we forgive all your mistake done before but leave from tamilnadu from today itself.. Tamil people will live happily.. Jai Hind 

  5. Mukunthan

    Yes the recent 2G scam of 172 Lakh crores is too much. Karunanidhi where in the world have u hidden so much.  No wonder how your family is entering cinema with out any effort.

  6. arya

    Things are very bad with all those scams and corruption of the ruling Congress and DMK. I recently read somewhere that Raja is the keep of Kanimozhi. Hence she is trying all the best to save him. Thats the reason that Raja is always with that fuc….r karunanidhi…..if he gets arrested, then lots of information will come out regarding the free things he is providing like that 1 Re rice, free TV, free land…these useless people doesnt understand that all he is giving is from their own money…until the people change this Karunanidhi will always keep on winning…

  7. arya

    this Bhagyaraj itself a field out actor…even his family doesnt watch his movies..then how the hell can he think that he can campaign against Jayalalitha in Andipatti????Wat nonsense

  8. Vasin

    No Arya

    Its not that people do not realise; simply we are not able to identify a new honest leader; people keep on switching between Karnan and Jeyalal. After Tamil Nadu producing Nobel laureate scientists, a top mathematician and respected politicians long before we were born the quality of its citizens have gone down drastically. A timid rude insolemn dishonest infidel culture has taken over it seems long before we were born. The change for good has to originate from a born leader or from a small place but it will not happen soon because even our youngsters are not yet endowed with balanced dispositions. 

  9. Vasin

    After you mentioned I checked on a few Kanimoli videos. Obviously she is in high ranks in DMK. She speaks English with grammatical accuracy but it is not good enough. If a foreigner sees it he won’t respect Thamilar. Of course nobody respects Thamilar now because of these cronies. I think all important MLA’s must have degrees from Oxford. In addition they should demonstrate energy and the capacity to align their personal goals to the well being of Thamilar at large. If for example youngsters like us could start a campaign to make public vote for qualified people at least in Chennai the change will slowly begin.

  10. proud singaporean, sad indian

    both dmk and admk are useles.. although not born in india, my great-grandparents are from there.. it’s sad to see the situation of wat i call my own state.. can some1 save tamil nadu from these ppl?? it’s very embarassing when the public cant even identify one gd leader who can change it all..

    make lee kuan yew the chief minister of tamil nadu and the capital of india will be changed from new delhi to tamil nadu is 10 to 20 yrs.. haha as if it’s gonna happen!!

  11. Vasin

    Yeah but we do it for money so are we any better? Prostitution is not wrong. Animal behaviour also is not wrong. Sex is no murder, no violence, no theft, no conspiracy and no assistance to such things. 

  12. Vasin

    Dei Kena

    Ithunundu irnthukittu India pathi pesatha. India’la oru company Singapore’a vida perisa irkum. Athoda Singapore’ku holidays’ku vanthirken. Onnu rendhu Singaporeans Malaysians oda move panni irken. You are OK but by no means have the flair and ease. Enna aanalum namba oorla than naanga irpomnu irkaravangaluku neeng match illa.

  13. proud singaporean, sad indian

    mind u vasin, singapore maybe a small dot but it’s a powerful one.. jus bcos we’re small, doesnt mean we’re any less any of those bigger countries which’re struggling!! first of all i’m a indian and then only singaporean! and wat i wrote was bcos i wish i could proudly say i m indian and a tamil.. but i couldnt sometimes! answer me first. can i bring my friends from here and show them around tamil nadu without them closing their noses? and all these is bcos tamil nadu and india lack gd leadership! and as long as indians like u exist, india will get developed!

  14. gameboy

    hey stupid vasin u got no brains. why the hell u always talk as if u r the best in the world? can u tell which politician in our country is gd enough to be a cm? all money swindling cases only. and write in english which all can understand. poda panni. thollai thaanga mudiyalai.

  15. gameboy

    hey stupid vasin u got no brains. why the hell u always talk as if u r the best in the world? can u tell which politician in our country is gd enough to be a cm? all money swindling cases only. and write in english which all can understand. poda panni. thollai thaanga mudiyalai.

  16. Vasin


    Athenna Proud Singaporean? Are you an Indian or a Singaporean. Bathil sollu.

    Rendavathu yaarathu Li Chief Minister? We don’t need a Yellow Monkey to tell us what to do. 

  17. Vasin

    You Lazy Donkey

    You didn’t read what I wrote. If you are this lazy you won’t get erection even if you have a big one.

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  18. Sakthivel Palaniappan

    First of all let me appreciate your enthusiasm and your concern with regard to the political scenario in South India Particularly Tamilnadu. There is no question about the legacy of LKY, but my friend due to your age and your improper understanding of the local politics of main Land South India I could understand your frustration for the betterment of the land of your ancient ancestor. Well let us not compare a geographical area of ruling with another. That is not accurate or correct. Given the geo political situation they cannot be compared (Tamilnadu and The Republic of Singapore) everywhere it has its own flaws. Man conceive Law and Regulation to a given part of Land. If you are a good person to understand politics let me welcome you to be a part with the government of Singapore and then you could understand the reality of the RULE. BLIND ANAL CAVITIES(With regard to respct anatomically speaking) ARE FORBIDDEN TO COMENT OR TO COMPARE anything with the internal politics of the Republic of India. 

  19. Sakthivel Palaniappan

    Thanks Mr.Vasin I have been reading your emotions and your comments and i feel the expression of your views and thoughts are natural.l And if someone is offended by your point of view then that particular person has a problem of fornicating your comment unless and otherwise he diagnose his own problem of thinking let us forgive and forget all those who miss interpret and misunderstand your point of view, well no abusive language . but better make it a sense to express it in a more appreciable manner without any heat of intensity, that will prove the product of your upbringing and your diginity. ….. Well Good luck fellas……. Lets keep in touch. 

  20. Vasin

    Dei Machi Sakthivel

    Nee engala mathri SW SW SW nu paithyom pudikama romba nalla English, Law, Sociology, Politics, Economics ellam padichirukere polriku. Inga varavanungalle 75% thappu thappa dirty dirty’a ennavellamo solranga. Antha S’pore karanuku pota mathri ellarkum nanna thalela podu.

  21. Sakthivel Palaniappan

    Vasin i am not educated at all. Experience will make your life understand much better. I believe rather than reading 100 pages in a book, it is better to walk 100 kilometers, which will personify your knowledge. Knowledge is understanding, and understanding is vital information what you see and what you hear rather than you comment on a subject posted on the internet. Sorry to say that unfortunately we got to admit that…… and sorry to say most of the comments i see and perceive through rajtamil are mostly naive and just emotional with the outburst of the kind of sentiments of the ones understanding of a given subject…… Well anyway life is like that take it easy and cool. Keep yourself intact to face a better tomorrow. Good luck all of you.

  22. kk

    the talk is abt tamil munnor.not tamils today.the practice might have crept inbetween with so many different outside influence.brithishers used to call indians dog when before independence with famous signs like indians and dogs not allowed.go ask them!

  23. Vasin

    Dei Machi Sakthivel. Engada poite? Ivan ‘kk’ torture thaanga mudiyala. Nalla English, Law, History ellam mix panni ivan thalela onnu podu.

  24. indian

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  25. Vasin

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  26. Vasin

    Dei Loosu

    Enna China koranguku vakkalathu vaangare?

    3 race thaan irku. Caucasian, African & Chinese. Chinese hardworking aggressive korangu. Aana Japanies konjam manushan pakathuku vanthutanga. African lazy komali korangu aana ippo romba peru great aayitanga. Eg. Obama. Caucasian thaan evolved race. Whites, Naanga, Turks, Middle East, & Arabs. Ithla except for Iran & Turkey muslim countries valarave illa. So Whites, Indians, Turks, Latin American and Hispanics thaan good people. Hinduism influenced Indonesia, Malaysia maathri countries ella paathi korangu. 

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