Ban on Kaavalan has been lifted

Vijay and Asin in Kaavalan
Vijay and Asin in Kaavalan

The earlier ban on Kaavalan has been lifted and the movie is all geared up to release this December.

A stay was put on the movie when producer Romesh Babu was accused of taking an advance of Rs 1.5 crore from a Rs.5 crore deal with J K Saravanan’s Tantra films in Singapore.Romesh later sold the overseas rights to Cinema Paradise instead of Tantra Films.

Shakthi Chidambaram of Cinema Paradise and Romesh Babuthe producer have now settled matters peacefully by offering J K Saravanan the colour lab contract.

Shakthi Chidambaran who has acquired the rights confirmed in an official statement “The ban on ‘Kaavalan’ has been lifted and now the film will release worldwide by December end without any hurdle.”

December 1 has been scheduled as the date for the audio release while the movie is set to release later in the month of December globally, with more than a 1000 prints.

Surely some good news for Vijay and Asin fans.



  1. padam parthu nonthuponavan

    avan oru panni naaye olunga oru padam naika vaku illa,, avanuku ne oru monna naaye ne support pani pesuriya??? poi thooku potu saavu da,, baadu

  2. HAHA

    Why Vijay releases the film on December 25, on the eve of christmas..

    Does he want to prove that he is a christian?

    The same he did for Vettaikaaran too///
    Any way all the best for yet another flop…

  3. Friends

    They know, if they release the movie for Pongal, they can’t compete with others, if released by December 25, atlest till Pongal they can make some money !

  4. vino

    ya u correct no one can save us from Mangotha movie

    thalapthy rocks daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    kavalan mega hit

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