Ban on DAM 999-MDMK,PMK Demand

MDMK and PMK political parties earlier today have demanded a ban on the release of Indo-Dubai film ‘Dam 999’ to be released by Warner Bros.

Dam 999 is based on Banqiao dam disaster of 1975 and in current affairs closely depicts a could be scenario of the collapse of century-old Mullaiperiyar Dam over which Tamil nadu is locked in a row with Kerala.

MDMK leader and chief Vaiko, in a statement, said the film is financed by Keralites, starring Indian and Hollywood actors and directed by Sohan Roy has been named ‘Dam 999’ referring to the legal rights held by Tamil Nadu over the Mullaiperiyar dam for 999 years.

Vaiko also conveyed he has appealed to the South Indian Film Chambers, Tamil Film Producers Council and the South Indian Artistes Association not to allow the screening of the film in Tamil Nadu.If cinema houses in the state screen the film, his party would organise demonstrations against it, he said.

PMK founder Dr S Ramadoss urged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to take up the matter with the Centre. The dam, located in the Iddukki district of Kerala, is under the control of Tamil Nadu Government and meets the irrigation needs of farmers in southern districts bordering Kerala. While Kerala had proposed construction of a new dam to replace the old structure saying it posed a danager to the people living downstream.

On this demand by the TN regional parties Kerala Water Resources Minister P.J. Joseph, stressed the state of Kerala cannot wait any more for the construction of a new dam at Mullaperiyar,the existing dam has become weaker after the recent earthquakes.This is an issue that affects 30 lakh people,. Tamil Nadu should loosen its stand against a new dam and the issue should be discussed by the Parliament immediately.

As of now the preview show has been cancelled, and the controversy continues




  1. Abi

    I can’t understand why kerala is refusing to give water to tamilnadu. All vegetables and everything are cultivated in tamilnadu and sold in kerala….

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