Balu Mahendra auto biography

Balu Mahendra is penning his auto-biography

Balu Mahendra auto biography

Reports from Kollywood indicate that veteran filmmaker Balu Mahendra is said to be penning his autobiography. Born in Sri Lanka’s Batticaloa town, the 66-year old Balu Mahendra is credited as someone who made films with a view to revitalizing Tamil films at a time when they badly needed soom boost. Always spotted donning a cap, Balu is an acclaimed cinematographer as well.

In the field now for more than 3 decades, Balu has directed 22 films which are known for their compelling scripts, music and unforgettable visuals (thanks to Balu’s own work). Only after Balu’s entry in Kollywood did viewers get the message that films are not the case of just reeling off lengthy dialogues. He made the audiences realize that visuals can play a very important role in conveying the message across on big-screen.

He is said to be working for his next directorial venture and has also floated a school where he teaches the nuances of film-making and script-writing. A gold medalist from the Film & Television Institute of India, Pune, Balu is said to have started writing his auto-biography and has reportedly launched his own Blog site. In his first chapter, Balu has penned in detail as to how he fell in love with the medium called ‘cinema’.

His prelude to the book reads as under: “My friends, students and well-wishers had been asking me for a long time now to record my auto-biography. I haven’t achieved so much to be in a position to advice others. I’m just a commoner born and brought up in mud. All of us are aware that lotus, which is the ‘seat’ of Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswathi, blossoms in the mud.

“Likewise, from the mud of Balu, flowers (read films) such as Kokila, Azhiyadha Kolangal, Moodupani, Veedu, Sandhya Raagam, Moondraam Pirai, Marubadiyum and Adhu Oru Kanakkalam have come out. Though I haven’t achieved a lot, I thought it fit to share my thoughts, opinions and views on matters of interest….


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