Bale Pandiya on Screens From September 3

Publicity designer, Siddharth Chandrashekar is trying to proof as an, competent director as his debut film Bale Pandiya gets ready to hit screens this Friday Sep 3.

What Made You do this Film
Some kind of guts made me do it. In a similar fashion, I wanted to direct a film. I’ve worked with a lot of directors and I’ve learnt from all of them. I keep telling this. I’m like an Ekalavya and I have a lot of Dronas. I know I can deliver.

About Bale Pandiya
 Bale Pandiya is a well-packaged film, the first half of which will be in lighter vein and the second half will be a lot more commercial.

Why did you choose the old Classic of Sivaji and MR Radha
Bale Pandiya is definitely a classic film starring Sivaji Ganesan and M R Radha. But there is also another fact which may not be as well known. The words ‘Bale Pandiya’ were actually expressed by freedom fighter and poet Bharathiar in one of his poems. Bharathiyar is one of my icons in life. Secondly, the connection between the Bale Pandiyas — old and new— is that the hero wants to die. But the similarities end there. So, I decided to opt for this title and I’m lucky to have got it.

About Vishnu and Pia your lear pair in the film
A hero needs to have a lot of guts to portray the kind of role that Vishnu has portrayed in this film. And that too, in his second film. Both Vishnu and Piaa will come across as full-fleged actors in this film as they’ve done a great job.


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